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With prejudice
Judges don't like having their integrity impugned BabyBarista Buy a copy of Law and Peace or read an extract on the Kindle.

Law Review guest post: Careless talk costs jobs...
Over 30 million people in the UK now use Facebook as a way of sharing their lives with friends. But as our attitude towards social networking relaxes, it's easy to forget the comments we post can have serious consequences. Charon QC

Irrational, inhuman and degrading: detention of a mentally ill asylum-seeker was unlawful
The detention of a mentally ill person in an Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment and false imprisonment, and was irrational, the High Court has ruled. UK Human Rights Blog

A pointless referendum
Should there be a referendum on reforming the House of Lords? Heresy Corner

Theft Of $1 Soda Results In Felony Charge
So you're saying that stealing a $1 soda can lead to a felony charge? Well, yes. Here's how, as reported by the Naples Daily News: Legal Juice
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